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Gentlemen's Circle

The manufactory of gentlemen’s culture “Gentlemen’s Circle” in central Berlin raises the bar.

Amidst elaborate and elegante premises just around the corner of Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt, André Goerner, founder and initiator of Gentlemen’s Circle and his strong business partners, have made a man’s dream come true. Gentlemen’s Circle is a unique concept of gentlemen’s culture. Here, everything a (man’s) heart desires can be found - from a shave to a tailor-made suit, from a swiss watch to a Gin Rickey or a cigar.

“With Gentlemen’s Circle, I’m basically creating a space that matches my vision of a perfect world for men and I’m inviting all interested gentlemen to join me and become a part of this world.”


The gentleman’s renaissance is not only resounding througout the media. Sociologically speaking, it also implies the return of a nostalgicly conservative male ideal, which has resulted in an increased interest in products, services and a certain way of life that distinguishes the classical gentleman. Apart from perfectly tailored suits, elegant shoes, swiss watches, individual parfums, noble cigars, selected spirits and hair care, barber and grooming services have highest priority. Along with this trend, more and more barbershops are opening up and bringing a craft, that had almost been forgotten, back into the gentleman’s everyday life: The traditional wet shave with real-hair brushes, classical razors and hot towels.

4smallThe recently opened Gentlemen’s Circle is far more than a barbershop. It is a place for the desires of every gentleman who places a high value on a well-groomed and classy appearance.

Visually, Gentlemen’s Circle is a modern interpretation of the sophisticated hairdresser's shops of the 20ies and 30ies. Earth tones and natural colours set the tone, heavy armchairs are placed on noble parquet floor and a softly illuminated counter made from pure onyx becomes the focal point. Brazen and mirror elements make for impressive reflections, the clinking of ice cubes in a Gin Rickey sounds from the bar and the air is rich with the fragrances of cedar and sandal wood, leather and distinctive parfums. On friday nights after closing, the flavour of cuban cigars is added, when it is time for “smoking friday”. And even though ambience and atmosphere are reminiscent of an exclusive club, this is a place open for everyone who feels at ease here.

With his new concept store “Gentlemen’s Circle“, André Goerner has not only fullfilled his lifelong dream but also struck a nerve with his recognized clientele, business partners and friends. “With Gentlemen’s Circle, I’m basically creating a space that matches my vision of a perfect world for men and I’m inviting all interested gentlemen to join me and become a part of this world,” says Goerner.

In order to render the concept sustainable, Goerner has lead innumerable conversations and discussions these past years and has been on a worldwide search for inspiration. Together with strong partners, he has made a man’s dream come true with a place rife with style and aesthetics, savoir vivre, indulgence and serenity.

Gone are the times in which the busy man in search for a perfect appearance had to rush from shop to shop before, hungry and tired, stopping for a drink at his favourite bar.

Gentlemen’s Circle offers everything from a shave to a pedicure, from a hair cut to a shoeblack, from a suit to a dressing gown and from rum to a Cohiba - one-stop and at the highest standard. Something that isn’t just unique for Berlin but worldwide.